Produce Like A Pro - Create radio worthy and professional sounding mixes from your home studio.

Build Your Career In Music

Create radio worthy and professional sounding music in your home studio. 

INCLUDED: Multitracks, Custom Drum Samples, A Drum Recording Tutorial & A Piano Recording Tutorial!

What is Produce Like A Pro?

Hi, my name is Warren Huart and I'm the founder of Produce Like A Pro. I started Produce Like A Pro to help people make great music in any way that I can. I wanted to demystify the recording process and show that there really isn't a difference between the "professionals" and home recordists. If you are talented, have a passion for music, and work hard you can make great recordings and have a successful career in the music industry.


Learn all the techniques and strategies you need to create powerful and exciting mixes that stand up to professional releases all from the comfort of your home studio.

If you're new to recording & mixing, make sure you download these drum samples! 

Download these multitracks, mix them, build your to your resume & attract new bands.

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What Our Members Say


"Thank you. I really can't express in an email how much I appreciate all that you and your team does. I'm not in a position to go to a uni. You tube and your Academy are pretty much it for my education and it is helping me achieve my dream. So thank you whole heartedly."  

- Musa Henderson 

"My God man, you keep pumping out this GREAT content, week after week (sometimes day after day!). I keep expecting the content to dwindle off, somewhat, but it never does. You're doing an amazing job Warren. Thank you SO MUCH!"  

- Michael

"Oh MYLANTA! This live feed is a freakin' wealth of knowledge!"  

- Robert McClellan 

"Thank you Warren! I want to just want to say how thankful I am for the wonderful incite and timeless knowledge I have received since signing up. It has been the most rewarding 'click here' button on the internet I have ever pressed." 

- Lance 


"Almost every day, someone just starting in the (music producing) business contacts me and asks where/how they should start (producing), that is why Warren Huart's 'Produce Like A Pro' series is such a great resource. ANYone at any level in this business can learn something valuable and or new from his videos and interviews, you are providing a much needed service here Warren, thank you!"

- Mark Needham (11x Grammy Nominee)

"A few years ago I had the pleasure of being introduced to Warren Huart. He asked me to do a series of tutorials on Produce Like A Pro and I really enjoyed both the collaboration and the value of what he’s doing for young audio industry professionals! I’ve had many different people get back to me saying how valuable that series was to them in both learning and application. I hope everybody enjoys this series as much is I have!"

- Bob Marlette (Alice Cooper, Saliva, Black Sabbath, Seether)

"Produce Like A Pro provides a great service to the recording community. Aspiring engineers and producers used to learn on the job as interns and assistant engineers. As these opportunities disappear we need new avenues for producers and engineers to share years of experience with the next generation. While recording schools are a good place to learn, an online community like Produce Like A Pro brings a greater variety of information to the viewer, and creates a great place to network and seek advice. Even us veterans benefit by visiting, and finding out about new gear and tricks. We used to bump into each other in the studio hallways, and catch up on the latest and greatest. Now we do it in cyberspace, since we’re all stuck in our own project studios like the hermits we’ve aspired to be. Thank you Warren for enabling us to look over each other’s shoulders from the comfort of our screens."

- Ulrich Wild (White Zombie, Deftones, Pantera, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot )