FAQ Friday

FAQ Friday – Episode 1

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  1. Jay Peters says:

    Thanks Warren, like to see more of these over time. Has there been any thoughts about maybe an FAQ Friday section of the forum where questions could be posed for future episodes?

    All the Best

    1. Warren Huart says:

      Thanks ever so much @plap-disqus-0f3d014eead934bbdbacb62a01dc4831:disqus! You Rock my friend! We still have a Skype call to do together! I hope you’re having a marvellous New Year!

      1. Jay Peters says:

        It’s all good Warren, the New Year has started well thanks. Hopefully for you and yours too. Happy to go with the flow as and when your schedule dictates.
        catch up soon

  2. An F.A.Q. is a great idea indeed!
    For “not-yet-members”, I would suggest a written F.A.Q. that would be accessible to anybody 😉
    And please think about the “it’s OK to hi-pass” response, even before it’s even asked! Haha^^

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