J.J. Blair Interview and Studio Tour (The Who, Johnny Cash, Rod Stewart)

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  1. Warren, JJ, Thank you. I can only describe it as being on pilgrimage, of sacred space, inhabited by mystical analogue spirits of ye long past days.
    All that was missing were the hessian walls. OHM!!

  2. wasabifox says:

    Hi Warren,
    Do you remember the infamous BBC TV series from Japan called “Monkey”? I am the bass player/ vocalist of the band that did all of the soundtracks. In fact, I was quite involved with the sound engineering too….those good ole analog days. I have since caught up with the digital world via course at Berklee online school and YouTube videos like yours. You have been incredibly informative and helpful for me. I appreciate you and what you do.
    Thank you,
    Steven Fox

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