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There is No One Way to Record

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  1. Barry Meintjes says:

    Well said, Warren. You hit the nail right on the head. After over fifty years of messing around with music, I still don’t know the difference between all the new genres, it’s all just music.

    1. Warren Huart says:

      Thanks ever so much @barrymeintjes:disqus!! Please feel free to like and share the YouTube video! I really want this to be a huge topic, it’s very important to me! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks, Warren

  2. Robert says:

    its about love music ,i work for 40 years as a eng, prod, in sweden ,from year 1977 and its the same 2017 but i still love learning !

    1. Warren Huart says:

      Yes indeed! Many things have changed with technology, however we only have to look back and hear Beethoven and hear such beautiful music to be reminded that the barriers were broken down centuries before we arrived! Have a marvelous time recording and mixing many thanks Warren

  3. Arnold Dawson says:

    Thanx for these videos Warren, as a new comer to DAW software (in the last three years) it was quite a struggle to understand mixing producing mastering ect. Actually its still quite a learning curve trying to improve things but I feel I’m getting better thanks to videos like yours as I feel it speaks straight to the point and tries to demystify a process (were others don’t). I couldn’t agree more about listening to other genres as you cant grow without experiencing things even if its just another angle one idea leads to another. Cheers mate. Arnold Dawson

  4. Dwayne Hunt says:

    Warren, like most of your videos, this one is VERY good. The difference with this video is that it hits home with an impact that very few things that I encounter on the web have.The genres that I hang around are just the ones that I relate to. That’s not to say that I am negative to a lot genres, it’s just that they don’t create the feelings that certain ones do. If you walked in here right now and said, ” I want to record an EDM song or a HipHop song”, my response would be , OK let’s set up some mics and get started ! ” I would be more involved if the project were country, blues, swamp pop, or jazz, but I am not proficient in the others and tend to shy away. But, I am willing to learn……just teach me. Eventually I will be in the same as you in terms of being receptive to all genres, but I’m not there yet…….
    Warren, I really enjoy and appreciate your PLAP, and have learned a lot from it over the years that it’s been going. I’ve been involved with making music since I was 10……(63 years of calluses on my fingers)a little before you had any thing going on PLAP. Keep up the important work please keep producing this quality of videos,

    Dwayne Hunt – Southeast Texas country Boy

  5. Ben Perry says:

    Thanks warren,I really love music, guitar and recording/mixing I want to make it more of my life again especially when you realize how quickly life can throw you curves example is my wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in February and had to undergo a huge surgery and 6 months of chemo really brings things into perspective, it looks as though she may be given the all clear signal from her Dr next week. fingers crossed. I say If you really have a passion for it and important to you and it doesn’t hurt others in your life go for it.
    For me being 57 years old and new to this < 1 year I am trying to make DAW and equipment decisions, keep studio one or go pro tools?, upgrade mics ,dump the windows computer get a Mac…blah blah blah I think for a beginner I am making decent recordings and mixes but I keep getting told -yeah but…you have to have pro tools and a mac for anyone to take you seriously and most "real" plug ins only work well with pro tools /mac's like the very pricey ones from UA and the best interfaces are made for and work better with a Mac. Here's something else from me is I know a good mic will make the job easier or sound better especially for crystal clear vocals, the best vocal mic i have right now is an AKG P220 but if your using something to distort the vocal in the mix anyway do you really need that $5000 Neumann? So many questions that's why I joined PLAP thank you for your time and input. i don't know where you find the time for everything you do but it's great

  6. Richard Perriment says:

    Astonished by your decision to NOT begin with ‘hoping you’re doing marvellously well’ and relieved that you still hope we will have a ‘marvellous time recording and mixing’ Warren! I would suspect your post was written by an imposter if there was no ‘marvellous’ anywhere!
    Your latest topic is so very apt. And, as usual, very instructive. Thank you.

    1. Warren Huart says:

      Haha it happens every now and then @richardperriment:disqus!! haha Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

  7. But Sammy Hagar says “there’s only one way to Rock”? LOL Seriously though, great video as always and something that needed to be said. Not just for different band set ups but even for the same instruments… I wouldn’t mic and mix an acoustic guitar in a dense pop mix the same way I would an intimate guitar vocal demo. Same instrument but serves different purposes in both of those.

  8. Kian Sparkes says:

    Superb Warren…. totally agree! Peace ?

  9. Ross Crawford says:

    Well said! P.S. Is that a LEGO space shuttle up on top of that rack?

  10. David says:

    Thank you Warren for articulating these important ideas. I have preferences to music I listen to, although I find something I love in almost every type of music, maybe with the exception of Beijing Opera (ha ha). Almost every consumer I meet has ‘their’ genre and has several styles of music they ‘hate’ But no style of music exists in a vacuum, they all inform each other and influences bleed across styles, sometimes by happy accident, sometimes with intention, i.e. Run DMC/Aerosmith, Miles David-Bitches Brew, heck even early twentieth century composers who introduced Latin rhythm and folk music to the classical world. Since joining Produce Like A Pro I feel like I’m finally getting a sense of what working in other genres is like, and I feel so blessed to have found a place to really learn about mixing and producing a broad range of stuff. Thanks for all you do.

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