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Shelly Yakus Interview

Shelly Yakus Interview
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  1. Jamison Toomey says:

    Warren, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us all. This conversation was simply fantastic. Shelly has always been such an inspirational figure for myself and I’m sure many others. It’s apparent in this interview “WHY” he’s so often been in the chair while some of the greatest records EVER were made. Please keep em coming.

    1. Warren Huart says:

      Hi @jamisontoomey:disqus thanks ever so much for the kid words! Yes, Shelly is a true master, a wonderful guy and an inspiration! I am very blessed to know him and learn from him! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

  2. L Scott Knight says:

    Maybe we’ll try out Pro-Master. To Shelly, show me a drum riser you like and I’ll build you one like it. (Just make sure it’s OK to really give it a thorough inspection.) And thank you for this. Very informative.
    During the interview you guys talked about knowing your monitors and I got to thinking. When I’m taking the time to set up my new studio space, maybe it would be helpful o just play my reference choices the whole time on the monitors.
    Regarding key of a song. How about this phrase: Key is key.
    On the part about Van Morrison singing different on each song. For me it’s about playing the part of the person telling the story the song tells. I tend to take on the character as I feel is appropriate but don’t try to be something I’m not. I mean, I’ll sing, for instance, a country song with a style indicative to a country song, maybe a touch of twang, a little break, nothing unnatural. I try to be part of the message. Maybe Van was acting the part?
    Shelly: Click on an album for a story is an awesome idea. Please, please do that!
    Thanks Warren. Enjoyed it, as usual.

  3. Toby says:

    Awesome! …better do some actual work first, but this’ll be my Friday evening entertainment 😉

  4. Toby says:

    Awesome Shelly idea : @plap-disqus-d3d9446802a44259755d38e6d163e820:disqus you and Shelly take one of the classic tracks he engineered and try to beat it in the box!

    …can you imagine working on the original recordings of ‘Refugee’ or ‘Here comes my Girl’?

    It’d be an amazing learning experience and absolute gold for any aspiring mixer / producer – pure 100% gold!

  5. Steve Ormandy says:

    Hi Warren ,Thanks for all your Videos , Great stuff. Re the API sound with your SSL desk could you use the Kush Audio transformer plugin ? .After the Joe Ciccarelli interview I thought I would try their API plugins to get the guitar to sit better and I think it works great.the Neve plugin is also very cool.

  6. The Rocker says:

    Warren,, I ever meet you,,, be ready for a big man hug ,,, lol,,,
    The time you take for all this, is that much appreciated…

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