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Tommy Lee’s Studio ‘The Atrium’ and interview with Engineer Smiley Sean

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  1. L Scott Knight says:

    Well, dang. Heaven is real.
    For now, I’d rather be at Spitfire. 🙂
    Smiley was talking about being afraid of phasing. What he referring to phasing caused by EQing too much? Can you expound on that? (Might be a lesson about recording with EQ in there?)

    1. Warren Huart says:

      Hi @l_scott_knight:disqus that’s an interesting question! Yes I see and hear people EQ on parallel buses that create all kinds of phasing issues, that’s a huge problem. I would imagine Smiley was talking primarily about recording where you can have multiple phase issues. Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

      1. L Scott Knight says:

        Yes, I think that would be a great video lesson to illustrate how and when that occurs (and what it sounds like) and how to avoid it while still getting what you need to do done. Please.

  2. RonRock says:

    Holy cow! As a drummer with a small studio, I am floored by Tommy’s setup. Can’t wait to watch Matt’s video. Thanks, Warren!

  3. Chris Dover says:

    man what a total trip!!! didn’t want it to end……! another world for inspiration

  4. As I’ve mentioned on FB I first saw Tommy Lee’s studio when him and engineer Scott Humphries were doing the public record sessions where musicians from all over the world would send in tracks to be included in Tommy’s album. A very cool project. Here’s another shorter studio tour by Tommy himself back in 2010 for anyone that’s interested:

  5. RonRock says:

    When is Matt’s new video coming out? I look forward to it!

  6. Chris Vex says:

    Thanks, Warren & Smiley Sean… the tour was way beyond any word, I could come up with. Even though, I was Vexified.

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