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Warren Huart Interview

Warren Huart Interview
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  1. Jonathan Parker says:

    You gotta have a catch phrase if you’re going to be on TV! Wait for it…

    1. Warren Huart says:

      Haha @plap-disqus-b4d168b48157c623fbd095b4a565b5bb:disqus! Funny Stuff! Well guess what?? ‘Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren’ Haha

  2. L Scott Knight says:

    Maybe an approach to knowing where the line is for enough is enough might be to reverse the thought process. Instead of trying to find when to stop adding things, maybe begin with looking for when to add things the core of the song. That is, try to be as minimalistic as possible and only add what the song needs. Before adding ask is there something missing. When nothing is missing and the song is full and feels complete then maybe that’s where the line is. Yeah, nay?
    Regarding ‘marvelous’, I figured you used it because enough time had passed since Billy Crystal was doing Fernando Lamas. Hee hee.
    Good going Natalie!

  3. Mahyar Dean says:

    thanks, I had marvelous time watching this video, here is my question for the next Q&A
    -for someone who likes hybrid mixing and has money to buy just one good analog gear what do you recommend? mix-bus compressor, single channel compressor or a good EQ?

  4. spark240 says:

    My question would be…~ you have a 6 track song with Guitar, vocals, backing vox, Bass, Keys, drums.

    You can only treat each track once and not go back, what order are you going to choose to do them in?

  5. RonRock says:

    Fantastic interview, Natalie and Warren! My question for the next Q & A is:
    If you were going to start over again and wanted to build a small studio with the ability to track up to 16 channels live (think 4~5 piece rock band), what would your 16 mic preamps be? Would you go with 500 series, 19″ rack, small format console, or a combination?

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