Recording & Mixing Bundle

Download The Multitracks

Warren’s Custom Drum Samples:

Download the original drum samples I’ve used on many of my productions and mixes including Aerosmith, The Fray and many others.

I hope they help you to get fat and slamming drum sounds!

Download The Drum Samples

In this video, I show you how I mic the drum kit at my studio, Spitfire. It is a relatively small room similar to what you might find at many home studio setups. I use these miking techniques to get a nice tight drum sound in my room and then I add samples to get a huge drum sound if needed.

You can get great drum sounds at your home studio setup too!


Piano is an extremely complex instrument and often can be one of the hardest things to record properly. In this video, I show some of my favorite ways to mic both a grand and upright piano. I use a variety of different microphones and positions.

You can download the audio files below to compare the different mics!

Download The Piano Files