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Add Excitement To Your Mix: Using Automation

Mixing Music: Automation Studio One Tutorial with David Mood
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  1. L Scott Knight says:

    Great video David. I feel kinda dumb since twice I met you and both time it didn’t click that you were the Academy Studio One guy. Have you seen the automation capabilities of FL Studio? All automation becomes reusable and reassignable clips. Can S1 do this?
    Riders On The Storm: So cool to have got to listen to that in Studio 3 and Sunset Sound on Stephanie’s Genelecs.
    So, were you able to convert Warren to S1 yet? Haha.

    1. David Mood says:

      Hi Scott, have me met at the party? Nice! Sorry, I’m terrible with names…
      I don’t know much about FL Studio, but one friend of mine uses it, I might ask him about it’s automation capabilities.
      Yeah, Riders On The Storm is one of my favourite songs by The Doors.
      Well, you know what they say about old dogs and new tricks…haha 🙂

      1. L Scott says:

        Yes, at Hybrid and Sunset. I’m Loren.

        1. David Mood says:

          I wasn’t at Hybrid, just at Sunset, so maybe you are still thinking of somebody else… haha.

          1. L Scott says:

            No no. I remember you well enough just thought it was at Hybrid too. The Sunset party was fun. Did you meet Aspen?

          2. David Mood says:

            Ah, I see. Do you have a pic so I can identifiy you? haha
            I have seen him, but haven’t talked to him.

          3. L Scott says:

            Uh well, no. No pic yet or even any social media but that is coming soon. Probably within the month I’ll be giving the world my big ha’cha’cha. If I had had my head together I’d have introduced you. Sorry.

  2. Spyderman says:

    Brilliant video David. Great sounding mix as well. Thank you.

    1. David Mood says:

      Thanks a lot, Spyderman!

  3. Martin Weeks says:

    I LOVE DAVID MOOD!! Man the guy is really skilled. Being a novice learning Studio One, these tutorial videos are indispensable. Thank you so much also for explaining how to use VCA. Didn’t have a clue till now and boy will I make use of it.
    I like using the onboard effects and plugins of Studio One. Can David direct me to a tutorial on how to set up reverse reverb? using the stock plugins?
    Thanks guys…great video and knowledge.
    Marty Weeks

    1. Roar Hoogdorp says:

      Reversed reverbs are possible if the plugin can do the reverse itself . If not , maybe record/render out a verb and reverse the sample . That gives more control on where you place the verb , or maybe even chop it up .
      Try dblue’s Glitch1 plugin , it’s free , and has a reverse option ( in sync)

      1. David Mood says:

        Thanks for chiming in, Roar!

    2. David Mood says:

      Wow, thanks a lot for the kind words, Marty! So happy to hear that my videos prove to be helpful also for novices.
      Reverse reverb, that would be be a nice idea for an own video. Many thanks, David

      1. Martin Weeks says:

        You’re welcome David and THANK YOU. I’m really getting to like Studio One and you “Pointers” on specific processes really help speed up the work flow.
        Have you checked out Johnny Geib’s videos on the “Fader Port 8” yet? If not by all means do so. He’s also very thorough like you, and Fader Port 8 is perfect for doing exactly what you are describing in your video for auto mating everything. His website is called home studio trainer or just HST. His name is Johnny Geib. It’s a 10 or 11 part series, but short videos and to the point.
        Also for those on a tight budget, Sweetwater offers a 36 month payments ($15.00 p/no for it. Perfect for a home studio with limited space to work in.
        Check him out.

  4. Roar Hoogdorp says:

    Ride those faders 😀

    Instead of compression I like to automate EQ of instruments against (meaning EQ down on the attacks) , let’s say a drum-beat , to get a ‘sidechain’ effect …

    1. David Mood says:

      Nice idea! Many thanks, David

  5. famouspatrick says:

    Great video! I have to go back and watch it again to take notes – there were so many great ideas in there. I am a Reaper user, but the techniques here are DAW agnostic, and would be very easy to do in Reaper. I could never figure out what the purpose of the VCA was, and seeing how you used it here opened up my eyes to a world of possibilities. That one tip alone was well worth the price of admission. Thanks!

    1. David Mood says:

      Hi Patrick, thanks ever so much, I appreciate your kind words! Glad to hear that you found the video so helpful. Many thanks, David

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