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AES Impressions Pt. 2

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  1. Martin Weeks says:

    I’ll bet Bruce Millet knows Paul Frindle. I believe they both worked at SSL at the same time. If you remember Warren I asked you a while back to interview (Skype?) Paul about SSL and the advances over the years. He helped design and develop those consoles. He also designed and markets one of the best mastering tools anywhere…The Dynamic Spectrum Mapper. It’s a combination of unlimited Multi Band Compression, Look Forward Technology and intuitive frequency control.
    Check out the link and demo videos included. I’d love to see a “Produce Like A Pro” Interview of Paul as he is legendary as a “Pro’s Pro.”

    1. Martin Weeks says:

      P.S. He’s on Linked In for all contact information and background bio.

  2. Martin Weeks says:

    Yes I know I’m being pesky, but this link is an excellent example of what the Dynamic Spretrum Mapper can do with complicated mixes with lots of dynamics. You’ve got to give this one a listen.

    1. Martin Weeks says:

      PS. Just think of the time saving in work flow for your home studio if you do your own mastering, that this one plugin can do?

      1. Warren Huart says:

        Wow thanks for all of the information @martin_weeks:disqus!! That’s a lot for me to take in all at once my friend!! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

  3. L Scott Knight says:

    Ha ha, you must have had a little giggle when you read my email about Burbank Audio Systems. I’m a little embarrassed now. I should have known.
    I had a great time talking to Doug Fern. He’s a really genuine person.
    Can’t wait for NAMM!

    1. Warren Huart says:

      Haha it’s all good Loren! Bruce is a great guy! Blessed to have him come by and maintain my console!! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

      1. L Scott Knight says:

        I’d still like to see a tour of the console factory. I wonder where he gets his wood from, because if he isn’t getting it from my supplier he’s probably paying more.

        1. Warren Huart says:

          Good question @l_scott_knight:disqus will have to ask him! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

  4. aka says:

    I trust Bruce’s Series 75 acquisition was pain free, use to be owned by Tom Misner the man who started SAE, and he came up with the idea when he was the major shareholder in AMS NEVE, that desk was designed by another Bruce, Bruce McBean. Apparently a great desk, The Producer Mark Opitz has one here in Melbourne Australia, interesting summing philosophy Voltage or Amperage (apparently Neve vs SSL philosophy)
    but no automation, be interesting to A/B with 5088. I suspect the 5088 will fair better with it’s extra head room, and Ruperts decades of experience. Thank you again Warren, I hope you’re not passing off a visit to AES as a holiday! Have a propper one mate, with a caravan! Chuckle!

  5. aka says:

    Who’s Mark Opitz, see AC/DC, INXS, DEVINYLS, COLD CHISEL & me Fave HOODOO GURUS etc, an Aussie Producer with 4 decades experience

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