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The Art Of Playing Bass: Brandino Interview

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  1. L Scott Knight says:

    What follows is a bunch of silly comments (and a question).
    Warren, I thought of the title for your memoir, “An Hours Not Enough.” I mean, when interviewing awesome guys like this, it’s really not. I feel like you two should have left and sat down at some classy restaurant and continued to conversation with a couple stogies.
    Thumb cuts, a real motivator for alternative techniques. It’s not just for style.
    OK Brandino, I’m buying the album but I wanna see the mansion (well, just the studio would be fine.)
    Grove waned when vinyl died. Viva la resurrection!
    In Europe does the band go by “Two Meters Under”?
    Wish I’d known about the questions (I missed it somehow). I would have asked what he thinks of fanned fret bass’s.

  2. L Scott Knight says:

    Got another question: Brandino talked about the Countryman DI. There are two types available on Reverb, the Type 85 and the Type 10 FET. Which one was he talking about or is either fine?

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