Win A Shure & Focusrite Drum Recording Package ($1719 Value)

Drum Recording facebook Ad 1
Comments (13)
  1. L Scott Knight says:


  2. Reggie Wallace says:

    Great comparison in the vid!

  3. Robert Vogel says:

    Win win win!

  4. Slobodan Babić says:

    Good luck everyone!

  5. Aaron Austin says:

    Boy, this would be awesome to win!

  6. ztmruudjansen says:

    great initiatives!

  7. Stamatis Stabos says:

    Good luck everyone! ????

  8. Marquee Mark says:

    Here we go!

  9. Younes Outmani says:

    Yeaah 🙂 Good Luck everyone !! 😀

  10. 王昱揚 says:

    The loud car in this video is really fun lol.
    It was so amazing that you also made an AB test microphone setups !!
    Anyway, thank you Warren ! And Wish I have the best luck to get this stuff !!!

  11. Miltonex says:

    Good Luck to all!!!! includin me of course!!!

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