Four Tips to Improve Your Mixes

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  1. Joseph Morris says:

    Hi Warren and PLAP(errs) Marry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and all! This week has been fantastic for all the info here on this sight! Bob Marlette Was great both in the mixing excerpt and the wonderful Q&A, Warren Sokol’s mastering video was very helpful and these 4 mixing tips are helping me focus. All this just for being a member! It’s all too much! ( “Too Soon” “Yellow Submarine”) Thank you all! Joseph, Cheers!

  2. Gabor Zajzon says:

    That’s so great! Thanks again so much! Warren and PLAP members, have a marvellous Christmas!

  3. Dmitry Baron says:

    Happy holidays!!!

  4. Patrick Peeters says:

    I really appreciate getting these kind of practical tips from experienced and skilled people. It gives a very useful insight in what they were struggling with before. Thanks Warren.

  5. Excellent video Warren, straight to the point and so clear. I’m hyped again to continue the journey.

  6. Michel Noise Gate Doucet says:

    Happy holidays

  7. Jerry says:

    Love these tracks and know some of them very well…but in each case there are different levels of bass. Would you say, fit it to the songs needs or to the genre? Or am I missing an important point, thank you vm,

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