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  1. RonRock says:

    Nice Spinal Tap reference! My kids would love this, and I can see it coming in handy on travel and other situations where I find myself waiting for long periods. Thanks so much Warren for sharing this with us!

    1. Warren Huart says:

      Thanks @plap-disqus-13fe9d84310e77f13a6d184dbf1232f3:disqus! Yes I love Spinal Tap!! Good spot! Yes for me it’s like iMaschine but easier to transfer files to my computer! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

  2. Rigamortis says:

    hey whats up warren and everyone name is justin but i go by Rigamortis as an artist in the hip hop rap Gen….i am also a producer and run my own label Dead Stiff Productions here in crestline ohio. On another note though feel free to listen to my music on the following links .. feel free to comment and give input on anything you listen to by me i’m an open book when it comes to constructive criticism. i have over 40 song i’ve recorded in the past year i’ve dropped 3 mixtapes and i’m working on 2 group projects as well a duo going by skatta brain & me and 2 others from michigan going by eveswick all are turning out beautifully. now that i’ve shared this with you all I wanted to say thank you for your time it means alot. I downloaded stagelight and watched some tutorials and your video warren and i have to admit the flexibility of stagelight defines convenient lol. I did this to enter the contest for hip hop with the mindset of winning and im gunning for 1st place and will settle for no less than 2nd lol so to anyone who can help me out with the vocal process on stagelight that would be amazing. my contact info is the facebook link above. i have used many programs in my years of producing music I started with cool edit pro 2.1 and it was quite complexed and involved too much work so i have moved on to a imac and use garage band 10 and pro logic one in the same really very powerful stuff but however i am missing something with my mixes for vocals i am going to make a video showing my process with one of my new songs and i will share the link. the thing with the stagelight contest is you have to make the song in its entirety with stagelight and submit so i say this to those not in competition with hip hop but enjoy my music if you are willing to join me in learning stagelight and help me do this contest to the best of my ability i promise you that i will make it worth your time. I am not a signed artist but i have done great things and have been on tour ect..alot of songs i’ve done on so many different levels of uniqueness deserve better mixes but everything i know i have taught myself and it’s been quite the journey anyways i am going to shut up now and get to work on this video so i can post a link and warren thanks for the video very useful.

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