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Giveaway: Roswell Pro Audio K 47 Microphone

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  1. aleh baba says:

    Thank you for another cool giveaway!…your info is amazing on recording.

  2. Javier Cuadro says:

    yey!!!! amazing once again!!

  3. Ric Zarro says:

    Visited them At AES in Los Angels this year. Mics sounded great

  4. pecans84 says:

    Great! Thanx a Lot!

  5. L Scott Knight says:

    If you can’t find time to build one Warren, maybe we could team up.

  6. Eugene Pérez says:

    wow! cool mic, cool giveaways as always! thx and “have a marvellous time giving stuff away”! 😉

  7. dBunk says:

    Love my Mini K47 and would love another. Thanks for this giveaway!

  8. Terry John Davis says:

    Would love to hear you put the mic through it’s paces on various instrument and vocal inputs and preamps. Take care.

  9. Sinoptik Dima says:

    Yeah! Really need this mic for recordings M/S Overheads and room!

  10. Zach Baron says:

    So nu? Who won?

  11. AV, Pro Audio says:

    mama i want this condenser mic, hope i win or i will shop at smartavl

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