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Keyboardist & Jazz Composer Jeff Lorber Interview

Jeff Lorber Interview & Studio tour
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  1. What an incredible interview! Thank you Warren, thank you Jeff. I love Jeff’s playing and had some of his records when I was young and decided to study Jazz in college. I remember the Galaxy editor, it came with Opcode sequencing software, very ponderous midi editing, but the best at the time. Please tell Jeff I understand the moving blanket on the Steinway (we have one on ours as the kitties love playing up there). I’m so envious of the Wurlitzers and Rhodes’s and Moogs etc… and I’m really just a guitar player. Anyway, thank you Warren for doing these interviews, they are truly inspiring me. p.s. Two thumbs up on the Joe Pass and Ella!!! Nothing finer, but how strange the change……

    1. Warren Huart says:

      Thanks very much! I really appreciate your wonderful comment @plap-disqus-2e65f2f2fdaf6c699b223c61b1b5ab89:disqus! I agree, Jeff is a huge talent!! I’m doing more very soon with him! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

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