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Make your way through the recording and mixing jungle.

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  1. TheRocker says:

    It’s all relevant,,, I liked this PLAP community and Warrens youtube channel so much, I vested in a year of PLAP Academy added content… When Warren create the Pro Mix Academy vested in another year of added content,,,
    I had / have the same questions as above, and we all do… Years of live experience as a guitar player and sometimes live tech experience, I thought I can do this, I already know quite a bit,,,
    Ha !!! ,, another beast all together,,, Sure I was familiar, but, that was all I was after getting into recording and mixing,,, So much more depth into this permanent performance capture,,, Live is ongoing , come and gone, on to the next,,, While this beast is about repetition and complete quality,,,
    So how to do it all they way through, is something you learn constantly,,,

    I had to say all this, because, the Vested 2 one year content is not even a year, and I really feel I could stop after the year, and know I am on my way with much better results… But here’s the most important thing I learned…
    This ongoing PLAP community, with Warrens added content in this academy community will allow me to be in a real time atmosphere, all from in my own little studio room. The in-depth of the Pro Mix Academy is even more… But to me, one is not a replacement of the other…
    I am hopeful I can continue to vest in both PLAP and PMA as long as the service is available. I have spent much more on many things, but this gives me so much allowing me To DO, instead of creating Doodoo , lol…

    Thank you Warren,,,

  2. aka says:

    Learn and absorb every technique you come across, and over time your personal taste will sift through them and lead you to the sound you prefer, or some might say get your own sound. Do keep in mind that it is a skill set that has a never ending learning experience, the first time I walked into a studio was in 1976 and over the past 4 decades I have witnessed a multitude of formats, (8bit, DAT, DASH) styles of music (Reggae being one of the great ones) Hair do’s (Long, Coffieured, shaved, crewcut, dreadlocks, Porcupined) and HOW BIG IS YOUR SNARE SOUND, not to mention the gated snare, the advent of synthersisers, and Audio that has more bandwith. Despite all of that, It’s only the the quality of Song and Talent that shines through regardless of format , genera, era or budget. Take Warrren for example, he is where he is because of his talent, not because of the SSL, though it may help! Regardless, in the end we are lovers of music, and it’s the performance (it has to be captured in a legible fashion) and what is contained within it that moves us, I love Django Reinhardt and I only have cassetts of him with crackle, pop and hiss (Dubbed from Lacquer) It does not negate my experience of joy and admiration for a man who had less fingers than any other guitar player I know of.

  3. L Scott says:

    The beautiful thing is that if you can’t be working in a studio with a U47 running through a Neve pre and an 1176 onto tape with a famous recording engineer, you can do so on-line using affordable plugins (for about any budget). You no longer have to be one of the precious few that knows someone at one of a handful of studios to get rolling on rocking a career making great music. It still takes time and perseverance but dang, at least there a chance. In the immortal words of Judy Tenuta, “It could happen.”

  4. SoulMusic says:

    Good story but kind of a short conclusion pertaining to the headline I received in the subject line of the email…

    “How To Record and Mix “Properly””. dont know who wrote that. At least its not click bate.

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