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Mixing Modern Pop Vocals

Mixing Pop Vocals
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  1. JohnnyS says:

    Great video, thanks a lot, gotta try this huge amount of r-comps myself!

    1. Warren Huart says:

      Hi @plap-disqus-a97da629b098b75c294dffdc3e463904:disqus great stuff!! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

  2. Spyderman says:

    Wow, great video Warren, loved the breakdown. I’m having fun with mixing the vocals again, did one version last week before this vid was up, posted it on PLAP Facebook, gonna bounce this new mix and compare. Thanks mucho!

    1. Warren Huart says:

      Fantastic @plap-disqus-2e65f2f2fdaf6c699b223c61b1b5ab89:disqus!! Look forward to hearing it! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

  3. Johannes Mazur says:

    Hi Warren, I know I joined late to mix the song. Is there a place to post the mixdown? I’m rather new to the community here. Is the contained mix file your own mix? I haven’t watched the videos yet so forgive me if I post techniques that have been mentioned. I added another snare layer to make it cut through better. Beside of that I inserted a ducking gate right ahead of the OH comp, fed with the kick and snare because those two triggered the comp too heavily. So I only compressed the cymbals and the HH. The rest was pretty basic mix work.

    1. Samuel Ellringmann says:

      Hi Johannes, Thanks for reaching out. Warren’s mix is usually included in the Multitracks folder. If not, please hit up and I’ll send it to you. You can post your mix on the Produce LIike A Pro Facebook page and tag the Band Little Empire, so they can have a listen to your mix as well. Thanks for your support!

  4. Alberto says:

    Thanks Warren, always marvellous to watch your tutorials. One question, is the first delay “going into the second delay” in the chain, or is it a split signal? Thank you

    1. Warren Huart says:

      Hi @disqus_E2dePoojk6:disqus great question! I have multiple separate delays running! I wouldn’t run them into each other, unless I wanted that particular effect. Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

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