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How To Figure Out Chords To Songs – Jeff Lorber

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  1. Mark says:

    I’ve been a big fan of Jeff Lorber’s since way, way back. Really enjoyed watching the two of you guys sitting and analyzing song and chord structure. I would sheepishly comment that I’m hearing the progression to the 10cc song differently. Not seeing the chart yet but going on the video, I’m hearing the verse progression as:
    IV ivm / iiim III / vi vi7 / ie. A am / g#m G# / c#m c#m7 /
    Then at the end of the chorus when it goes to the I he describes it as blues which would imply 5 6 7 movement within the i chord. I think it’s actually going / E Esus / E7sus Esus add6 / which is a leading chord to the I.
    Great video Warren.

  2. Martin Weeks says:

    Ah yes…the Nashville Number system…aka The Mr. Postman Pattern. (16451, or 162451 etc.) The best theory I ever learned I never was taught in school. I learned it from sitting in, in a Rathskeller type of coffee house on the Campus of George Washington University in DC. They featured “Blue Grass” Music, and pickers and fiddlers from as far away as West “By God” Virginia would show up every Friday and Saturday night and play everything from Doc Watson, to John Prine. And it was all about that variation and substitution of a 2 chord for a 4 or a 6 chord for whatever. I still to this day just cannot read music, but I can hear it every single time for some reason.
    Jeff is just such a brilliant keyboard musician that he maimikes it all look easy (I hate it!! lol!) but he explains in a way that pretty much makes sense of it.
    I will definitely download the chord charts to play with as I really do want to step up the arrangement thing with our music. I really get tired of the same old 1451 stuff. Which sadly seems to be the norm right now in today’s music. (I miss Steely Dan a lot!!)
    Great video…I’d love to meet Jeff just once in my life if for no other reason than to just sit back and listen to him “doodle” on his pianos. Ah.. Heaven!
    Thanks Warren…please keep re interviewing Jeff as it’s a wonder and joy to listen to him and hear him talk about things. (I know he secretly has long hair and just hides it in a short hair wig…lol!!) Just can’t kill the hippie musician.

    1. Martin Weeks says:

      Oh yeah by the way Warren…the easiest guitar tuner in the world is a harmonica. Want to make certain your guitar is in tune with the band? Carry an A harp with you and just blow the first note on it. That’s your guitar A440 every time. 😛

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