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Summer NAMM 2016 Nashville

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  1. L Scott Knight says:

    Twice I was about on my way to Nashville to see producers (one was for Joe Romeo, the jingle guy) and twice “other stuff” came up (not on my end) and it didn’t happen. I sure would like to strum a tune at the Bluebird.
    Enjoyed the videos and you left me wanting more.

  2. Daniel Stoica says:

    Well I am actually doing marvellously well, unfortunately the Canadian/Romanian style not the original Brithish! 🙂

    Now ,.. let me recolect … Nashville is a town of mostly Pro Tools ‘roughnecks’, mind the quotes 🙂 … is there any thing on/in the future time scale of geting them to/on the real thing(s) … perhaps Mixbus or even better Studio One?


    P.S. I met Matt (Ross) in his home town, I can confirm that he is really ‘touchy’ … on the touch things so … well I guess we have to accept the past even when the future is hitting us in the head! (sorry of not being British-sly on the ‘track’ 😉

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