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U-He Satin Review with Matt Boudreau

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  1. Toby says:

    Downloaded the demo… will try it out once I’ve finished mixing Little Empire’s ‘Night Falls’. Use both UADs A800 and Ampex emulations – which both work fantastically well. This seems a little different… like the idea of automating it – being able to blend different tape speeds etc to bring out musical movements within complex or densely packed mixes – could be a very beautiful effect.

    1. Warren Huart says:

      Fantastic @plap-disqus-e44fea3bec53bcea3b7513ccef5857ac:disqus! Excited to see what you think! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

  2. aka says:

    The Saturn gives immediate access to adjustment that can
    take a lot of time and are rather fiddly on a tape machine. I do recommend
    trying the real thing, you should be able to get a1/4″ for the price of a
    plugin, please note, Tape Machines were built during the era of the user having
    some technical knowledge and ability, so you will have to learn how to adjust
    azimuth and bias, have an alignment tape or a tone generator and an oscilloscope.
    If not, a good account with Vintage King. You will find multiple uses for a
    tape machine from full bodied masters mixes, vocal thickening (try this, slow
    down the tape when recording high harmonies or double tracking, speed it up for low harmonies –
    Singer can’t get pitch! slow down the machine to suit)

    Do all those freaky reverse things, add wow and flutter to a clean/sterile
    signal, saturate the kick , use the tape machine to impart your signature sound
    by setting it up to your personal taste. The uses are endless, but maintenance
    is a necessity, Saturn will do most of it with little fuss, especially Flanging.
    Warren if you respond to this, you’re not having a propper holiday, sorry vacation for you guys.

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