What’s your favorite thing at NAMM 2018? & Giveaway!

What's your favorite thing at NAMM 2018
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  1. Dave Elke says:

    so how do we enter the giveaway? Super curious about the audient 4 channel interface, with inserts! have the 8 channel pre, pretty nice. Thanks for the videos, first year I haven’t gone in a long time. stay healthy and keep on with the updates, gold!

    1. Arthur Labus says:

      Click on every action and follow the instructions. Mailing list, twitter and so on … 23 entries possible. Good luck

  2. PatchBay says:

    My fav was definitely The PATCH System from Flock Audio. Can’t wait!

  3. jason ansems says:

    I have to say the new Tasmanian DW drum kit is to die for! just beautiful in every way.
    Classic acoustic instruments made with the latest technology.

  4. White Heat says:

    Really enjoying the NAMM coverage, wish i could be there. I’m very interested in mics, preamps, compressors and interface. Audient, Clarret look good. What is RME upto?

  5. Paul Rooney says:

    For me, it has to be the Universal Audio OX BOX 🙂

  6. Diego Rengifo says:

    I say it’s the new Audient interface iD44

  7. Wow, looking forward to Hybrid studio tour. Grateful for the coverage of NAMM. Won’t miss it again…..:(

  8. Don says:

    Meeting with Darren at Flock Audio was Pretty Cool. That’s Going to be a Great Product.

  9. Randy L says:

    Warren does it again!!!

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