$1700 vs. $100 000 Mic Setup – Recording Session At Sunset Sound

Recording Session Microphone shootout at sunset Sound
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  1. Lem says:

    @Warren Love this track. Great tune. So soulfully sung. Love it. And of course, as noted, the instrumentation is totally top notch. Couldn’t be better.

    Question: Did you use the Air on the Clarett 8PreX? Did you track through any plugins? I scanned back through the video a couple of times and didn’t catch any references.


  2. aka says:

    Johna, thank you for such a beautiful song, comes down to Phenomenal talent of the musicians and the engineers, could have gone direct to 2 track or in the old days direct to disk, I still love that special moment when a group of very good musician perform together to leave a
    moment of magical legacy. (When they make your hair stand, you know they found your musical G spot) Wazza you just keep spoiling us with such wonderful people Thank you.

  3. Steve Nall says:

    Hey Warren, great video! I have a question. When you are mono micing the piano body, what pickup pattern are you using? I am planning to try it out with a 414 and just want to get it right! Thanks!

    1. kennymac says:

      BBC jazz guys once gave me a tip to use two 58s face down into the 2nd and 2nd last sound holes in the sound board … for live mic’ing a jazz piano… they said that way the balance is “okay” (not perfect), but it gives much better rejection of other noises than spaced condensers… so there are lots of variations of this technique… a single mic on one mid sound hole… experiment! I have a Yamaha stage piano which is DId… to that I add an XY pair to add super definition to the hammers (good for a single note melody line). So, the technique depends on the part you’re recording.

  4. Dennis Millner says:

    Amazing video, thanks Warren!

  5. Wow, the modern gear captured that session beautifully. Great players and great instruments on a soulful song. Just loved it. I got chills on my arms watching that take. Thanks for this Warren.

  6. amacca says:

    Wow that’s a great comparison! To get that result from the first take is just amazing, a real credit to the musos.

  7. Lem says:

    Okay, and one more question: What’s the name of this song? I can’t find it anywhere. Still unpublished?

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