5 Quick Compression Mixing Tricks

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  1. Jonathan Fischer says:

    “Spankiness” Yes! 😀

    1. Warren Huart says:

      Haha indeed @disqus_nxYSazyE7l:disqus!!

  2. Dwayne Hunt says:

    Warren, either I need to give it up after a long day …or…my mixing hero has made a mistake. In #4 you say to compress the snare in the overheads on a snare hit. When the snare is inactive the “CYMBALS will be uncompressed”. Are you compressing the cymbals with the same snare hit or what????
    I enjoy and get a lot of good information from your columns and videos so don’t think I’m being critical or a smart ass. I hope this was not me and a typo on your part. Keep up the good work.

    1. Warren Huart says:

      Haha it’s quote alright @disqus_setexasbluesman:disqus of course for the nano second of the attack of the snare it will dip however, as I’m sure you understand, the perception of the cymbals will not change! You will still hear the cymbals shimmering! It’s a trick that I and many other mixers use! You also of course compress the track afterwards and bring the balance fairly equal! I don’t usually feel the need to. Have a marvellous time mixing!

      1. Dwayne Hunt says:

        Warren, I realized what you were doing but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have you clarify the technique. There are a lot of folks that are new to mixing that would not understand, I’m sure. I would like to point out that this technique of being very definitive and concise (#1, #2, etc) rather than just verbiage is absolutely the best way to get an idea or technique over, especially to someone that is not very experienced. I have thought for a long time that some educators were missing the boat. This sure makes it easy to take notes.
        You the Man

    2. Warren Huart says:

      P.S. I’m having the guys correct the Typo @disqus_setexasbluesman:disqus!

    3. Brook Bilney says:


  3. Brook Bilney says:

    Numbers 4 and 5 Nice.

    1. Warren Huart says:

      Thanks ever so much @brookbilney:disqus!!

  4. White Heat says:

    Very clever stuff. Makes me realise how far I’m still yet to travel with my mixing/production. Thanks Warren.

  5. Bernd Holder says:

    Really love those tips! No 1 is so obvious but I forget to use it that way over and over.

  6. James Gorman says:

    Number 1 also works well with a dynamic EQ or multiband. Say if the levels feel right but you’re losing clarity in the vocals, pull out 3-6DB at 1-2K on the guitars but so you leave the low end energy alone.

    (Also, hello and thank you Warren and team!)

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