5 Quick Saturation Mixing Tricks

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  1. Great video, thanks Warren!

  2. Ulf Andresen says:

    I so appreciate your mixing tips series. They perform wonders for my mixes!

  3. Ariana Attie says:

    Hi Warren, Met you at the Hybrid Studios after party during NAMM. Fun to meet you in person after watching many of your wonderful videos. Ariana

  4. marti Purull says:

    That DI trick… WOW. So much value on these videos! Thank you!

  5. nickcarella says:

    Not every saturation plugin will do it. Some of them work more like distortion – they seem to affect low end first. Softtube Saturation Knob was kind of all right in ‘keep low end’ mode but it also raises the overall volume which makes it harder to A/B, I think something else might be better. Can someone recommend something?

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