5 Quick Master Bus Mixing Tricks

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  1. James Butler says:

    Thanks, Warren, excellent tips as always. I’m excited to try the clean and parallel bus trick, I never thought of that one.

  2. Etienne says:

    Brilliant! Like always you are so on fire in the video but this time plus an extra. Love it! Your positive vibe is unique, fun and gives me courage. 🙂

  3. Ron - says:

    Totally respect the info, I tend or feel I make things a tad worse when tweaking my master bus….mind you I am just getting to grips with DAWs and your advise here is totally cool Thanks! I’ve Just got to get more practice, instead of getting shut eye , or just keep watching you do it !

  4. L Scott Knight says:

    Is this a sneak peak on new RJ and the Wreck? Other wise I have to wait a bit longer to get to practically use these tips. But when I can I will.

  5. Tony Vincent says:

    Warren— Thanks for the #1 tip. A totally solid tip— and one that I frequently forget to utilize. Thanks much mate.
    Cheers— TV

  6. Kian Sparke says:

    Great stuff Warren! Cool as ever! Thanks

    Peace ?

  7. Ken-Arve Nilsen says:

    Enjoyed these tips a lot, Warren!
    I’ve not used any creative effects on the 2 bus so far, but that is about to change 🙂

    All the best from Norway.

  8. Marti Purull Purull says:

    That was excellent, Warren, thank you! I always feel a bit apprehensive about my master bus and may have been playing it a little too conservatively! What I did do on a record last year was send a dreamy bridge section to a reverb; the whole master bus washed by reverb! I was convinced it wasn’t the answer but I was running out of ideas and needed something different to set that bridge apart – it was a desperate measure. It felt so wrong but it sounded so right that I just tweaked the mix knob and left it on! The idea of having a parallel master bus is amazing… it’s like having a master bus lab – you can experiment, go crazy and you don’t need to use it at all if it doesn’t work. Nicking that one.

  9. Tim Roebuck says:

    Hi Warren, I really enjoyed this video & will be employing these tips in the future I’m sure. Here’s a link to a video of one of my typical master bus setups.If the track is going elsewhere to be mastered I’d usually leave off the S73 & ProLimiter & i would probably have my JLM MAC OptoComp as a hardware insert instead of the Rcomp.

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