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Mark Endert Interview (The Fray, Fiona Apple, Train)

Mark Endert Interview FB
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  1. Jason Davenport Davenport says:

    What a cool interview! Mark seems like a super nice guy. Very cool of him to open that session and solo some of the tracks. That bass tone was crazy distorted on its own. Gives me more confidence in my mixes, because most of the time my bass tone is very distorted when soloed, but not so much in the track. Loads of great information, thanks Warren!

    1. Warren Huart says:

      Hi @plap-disqus-1aab7baa714e14868fe9eac65fcbd315:disqus! Exactly! I talked about that recently in a mix breakdown! Thanks for the great comment my friend and amazing insight!

      1. Jason Davenport Davenport says:

        How about an interview with Andy Wallace? He mixed some my most favorite music from the 90’s!

        1. Warren Huart says:

          That’s a great idea @plap-disqus-1aab7baa714e14868fe9eac65fcbd315:disqus!

  2. Alex Wilson says:

    Wow! I am even more of a Mark fan now! Great interview! Makes me wish there were a pro mix academy course with him! So question for Warren: you mention your “like 5 songs that you reference”… We know Hey, Soul Sister, And you mentioned Women in Chains, what are the others? Thanks again!

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